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Big Business cause of Fear for Small Business Farming

Big business has the power to elect our presidents, control Congress and from the water article control our access to sources of water, which includes food. Export agriculture is ruining lands while taking away the water resources from specific areas of the world all while first world countries has enough food to feed their people. The exploitation of water will remain alive as the mentality of the growers continues to be about profit. Compassion for water supply and the preservation of resources does not put food on the table or pay the Lexus car payment. “[Growers] spoke of water in technical or economic terms, reflecting a deeply entrenched view of water as a factor of production rather than as a precious ecological resource with intrinsic value for human life and other economic activities.” In order to change this problem, the first way to begin is by providing the necessary view on why it is important to preserve it. Once that ideology is accepted can there exist a more compassionate stance to the water resource.

The most interesting aspect of this article that specially caught my attention was the control of big corporations in agriculture. I am not surprised that water is not considered as anything other than a resource for production; however I am surprised that this is not the only sector where big corporations have an influence in our food consumption. The control that big businesses have in food resources extends something so unnoticed as seeds for planting. Even in the “seed,” world there exists a corporation, in this case known as Monsanto. Monsanto’s is a world-leading producer of genetically engineered seeds 70 percent of all genetically engineered crops worldwide derive from their technology. They have developed a crop called “Roundup Ready,” which is genetically engineered to tolerate high doses of a toxic weed killer (explicitly harmful for consumers). This pesticide is  included in everything from soy, corn, canola and cotton. Their corporate power has allowed them to surpass US Food and Drug Agency warnings on how their crops could cause negative health effects, thus they are controlling the entire health of the world based on the simple idea that whoever owns the seeds, owns the food. The process has allowed Monsanto to have claims over seeds. Such a situation has affected small farmer owners specially those who do not use Monsanto products. Because of this company’s patent controls, many families have lost their small farms. Monsanto’s presence in the government has allowed them to develop patents for their seeds. Farmers lose their lands to the Monsanto Corporation when Monsanto pollen falls into those non- Monsanto farms. The company sues the small farm for patent infringement, which then leads to losing the family business. Such a company like Monsanto depicts the perfect example on how big business is continuously overpowering the small farm owners and instilling fear on farming hopefuls. Big business is ruining small businesses, but it is also bringing families into poverty and hopelessness.



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