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Fact: The Amount of Water Around the World is Finite


In his article, Zlolniski discusses how globalization in agriculture, particularly in the San Quintín Valley, has led to unequal water access to different population groups, who are divided by class and ethnicity. The United Nations has claimed that the access to clean water should be considered a universal human right, yet neoliberal policies on water are left ignored and benefit economies with positions in power (566). The connections “between production and consumption of water-intense commodities across the countries in the global economy and how suck links affect people’s access to water in the exporting country” are unfortunately left hidden and heard by deaf ears (567). As fresh crops are transported internationally for trade, benefitting affluent nations, the poor are continually denied equal access to water- the most essential necessity for life.

Without a doubt, certain areas are susceptible to conflict due to the lack of natural resources, like water, which serve as basic necessities for supporting a society. Although the scarcity of water can lead to tensions and cause conflict, I do not believe any declaration of war can be due to the inadequate amount of clean water a region may be receiving, yet it is not impossible. An online blog titled “The Conservation Report” wrote about whether or not the lack of water can cause war. The author of the post states that “water availability or natural resource availability in general is connected to environmental degradation, and a bankrupted human environment results in poverty, disease, and conflict.” Water is considered as a national resource of utmost importance for is vital to ensure both the population’s well-being as well as to preserve the agricultural regions across the globe. The causes of the crisis for the shortage of water are both natural and man-made. The absence of enough action facing the water shortage situation has contributed to the severity of the present water crisis. The blog concludes with a quote by Jeffery Sachs: Water problems will not go away by themselves. On the contrary, they will worsen unless we, as a global community, respond.



3 responses to “Fact: The Amount of Water Around the World is Finite

  1. Having resources means having power, therefore whoever has the most water, food, and other resources necessary for survival is ultimately the one who will control a region or a territory: this is well known. I do believe that shortage of fresh and clean water might one day result in a war, and death. The greed and selfishness of corporations and the want for money does not allow us to see beyond and realize the human suffering being caused to many who lack these bare necessities and resources.

  2. dinasharif ⋅

    This post is very interesting. What caught my eye right off the bat was the image of the toilet bowl, followed by “would you drink this water?” This brings to attention how sometimes although we all know injustices and poverty plagues the world we live in, we sometimes have this outlook of – “as long as its not happening to me and my family, i don’t have to really THINK about it.” It honestly makes me a little bit ashamed. Also, the importance of WATER, a basic necessity, just goes to show how HUMAN we all are. Everybody needs water – clean water, and access to water has shaped and structured the development of civilization. As my classmate mentions before me, water and access to water means power and as we all know, power is everything.

  3. This point brings up a lot of key points. First of all people don’t realize how not every part of the world has a great water filtering system. The image you chose is a great visual that adresse’s how many parts of the world don’t have a clean water. Also the seoned point you adressed about could there be a war over water. I believe while there might never be a war over water, however that could be one of the underlying foundations connected to something else ( ie farming) that could cause wars. Most people know its a basic neccesity but dont know that a lot of people dont have access to it like us americans. Overall a great post and i enjoyed reading.

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