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Psychological Abuse on Child Soldiers

Although Nordstrom’s article was eye-opening and discussed how “healing the wounds of violence” takes time, I was particularly interested in the medical journal published by Hoge et al. While the research is conducted on US Army soldiers suffering from brain damage after serving inIraq, my proposed research for this course is to study the effects of PTSD in child soldiers. Throughout history, children have been used in militaries for war worldwide. Children inAfrica may be orphaned due to violence or disease, and can be easily taken in as part of a militia or rebel group. The children whom partake in violent groups and combat suffer not only physical harm, but also post-traumatic stress disorder. The attitude developed on the battlefield is dangerous for both their future adult lives and for the lives of others. it is heartbreaking for individuals with a sense of morality to learn of child soldiers suffering with trauma due to violence. Fighting in a war leads to consequences in mental health, so what future will children have if they are taken away from their homes and take part in violence with long lasting effects? More light should be set of how to curb the institutionalized practice on abuses of morality and the human rights of mankind. The countries with high rates of child soldier abuses, physically and mentally, has attracted human rights activists for a number of years, yet conflict which led to the displacement of many individuals still continues and the awareness on child soldiers is on the rise. Slowly, efforts have been made to release child soldiers of brutality, yet in reality, they are still being used throughout the world, which in response leads to unprecedented amounts of trauma and poor mental health.

This link presents statistics from a study on child soldiers whom have undergone the effect of psychological trauma.


2 responses to “Psychological Abuse on Child Soldiers

  1. dsaifan

    The issue of child soldiers is also very dear to me, as it is a very overlooked issue that needs more international attention. People are aware of the use of child soldiers, especially in Africa, yet very little is done to stop this abuse. We are so blessed to live in a society that is not afflicted with the high rates of abuse and PTSD that other countries suffer from, yet we shouldn’t forget that high abuse and prevalence rates are victimizing many around the world, especially children in war-torn countries.

    There’s a great piece done on child soldiers by BBC, which features the personal stories of many child soldiers, that you can view here:

    For them, PTSD and abuse aren’t something seen as a “consequence” of war, but rather they are inevitable parts of their every day lives.

  2. shaynabri ⋅

    The terror warfare in mozambique and many other countries worldwide is so heartbreaking in itself but the fact that children play such a huge role in this atrocity makes it so much more horrifying. These children have to live with what they have been forced to do and forced to see for the rest of their lives. This will affect the course of their lives in a way that they did not choose and is completely unfair and unjust.

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