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Ethical Concerns Must Be Met with Success, not Failures

The subject of human rights should be a central concern for many. These days, it’s hard to decipher whether all human beings are even considered “human” and if “human rights” are given to all humans. The concept of selective attention in terms of social inequality should make the public ashamed for allowing some people go unnoticed, even during a time of globalization and increasing intercommunication with one another. The question of ethics comes to light often, yet it continues to fail. For instance, major treatable diseases are prominent in population denied proper access to modern medical care. As the statistics of the innocent deaths of many, especially due to preventable diseases like AIDS, continue to increase, structural violence becomes more evident.

As I read about Uganda and the AIDS research that was conducted similar to the Tuskegee Syphilis Study decades earlier, it mentioned how circumcision may guard against the spread of the HIV virus. All over the internet and media, there are mixed reviews on whether this should be accepted and implemented into at-risk populations. On one end, there has been a documented statement that clearly claims how circumcision does not prevent HIV infection by arguing its cultural biases, effectiveness, and politics. On the other hand, there also seems to be an overwhelming amount of research that has been conducted with evidence of circumcision’s protective effect. It remains true that circumcision practices are usually a result of cultural views, but when it comes to the issue of public health, tensions rise. Regardless of the positive and negatives aspects of circumcision, I believe that if the government was to enforce this throughout poor countries, it will be hoping to prevent and steer the spread of disease at the expense of causing violence towards the bodies of many that have no say.

Interestingly, a short video was posted regarding an article that stated that the Obama administration had presented an initiative on the circumcision of millions of African men. Are human rights going to be respected or denied? Will this be medically ethical? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


One response to “Ethical Concerns Must Be Met with Success, not Failures

  1. webkm ⋅

    Ethics are an important part of research, so why do some researchers continue to exploit their research subjects? Inequalities exist and we may forget that people in other nations are just like us – that is humans. Medical advancements has its roots in exploitation because of some perceived belief, however not all research violates ethics. We are all prone to illness and disease but not everyone will have the resources to start treatment. We talk about prevention but what about the people who are already afflicted? Theoretically everyone should be entitled equal access to care regardless of geographical location. We want quality healthcare but many can’t afford it. Injustices exist but we can reverse the effects if people are willing to improve the system. Ethics are important but the way they are implemented does not really do much for the people who are affected. Treatment options are improving for many but there are still many flaws in research that need to be addressed. Ideals seem to be just that but they can be changed. People in other nations have voices too and we must be willing to listen to them because if not us then who?

    – Karina Mena

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