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The Hand that Feeds

In this article, we can see that trauma and violence can result from the desperation of not having adequate resources and knowingly see the government take advantage of the situation for the purpose of profit. It is interesting to also see how there is no long term push for justice but rather short term fix in order to keep the people at peace. The community fails to realize the probability of this hunger problem returning to infect the lives of these people. Additionally, we see the dynamics of power play a huge roll in how the citizens accept aid. While the citizens wish that changes were to occur in long term, the control of food for these people is of a greater problem especially when they seek to obtain it.

We can see such situations in the welfare system here in the United States how poverty results in the people’s need for government assistance.  Much of this poverty is due to structural violence, many families have no upward mobility and are always counting on the power to provide them food because the community is not able to provide the opportunities to move away from the strong hold of the power. The article states that, “to accept without giving in return or without giving more back, is to become client and servant, to become small to fall lower.” Such situation is seen in the article however can easily be seen in the United States. The lower you are in society the more control this power has over you, whether you need food or housing, and of course, it will be of poor quality. Thus said, this system does not provide people work, or resources to get out of the problems, thus, once someone is hungry they seek this support without the notions of considering a future. Thus these programs such consider the bigger picture realize that in order to provide one must teach or enhance the living situation not for a brief period but long term.  


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