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Inaccessibility of healthcare due to the conflict in Syria

[Extra Credit Post]

Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers set up an aid station in a mosque in Homs, Syria. Photo by I. Malla/Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

The United Nations has reported that in the last year, nearly 7,500 people have been killed due to the political unrest in Syria. I was recently listening to a story on NPR titled, “Red Cross Restricted As Killing Continues In Syria”, talking about the inability of the Red Cross to enter Baba Amr, which has been a target of attack by the Syrian government. I thought the story was very relevant to this class, as we have studied various underlying factors that lead to inadequate health care. The obvious obstacle in this situation is war and violence. The Associated Press states, “activists have said residents face a humanitarian catastrophe in Baba Amr and other parts of Homs, Syria’s third-largest city with a population of 1 million. Electricity, water and communications have been cut off, and recent days have seen frigid temperatures and snowfall. Food was running low, and many are too scared to venture out.”

I see this as a clear violation of human rights. Under the UDHR, all humans are to be guaranteed food, and adequate health care, which is being hindered by this ongoing conflict and refusal to led the Red Cross provide aid.


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