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The Bigger Picture of Health

We can clearly see that this week’s reading connects to the greater notion that health is connected to our social and political lives.  As much as biomedicine focuses on treating the individual, there are greater notions in health than putting a band aid on a person for the time being. We have so many problems throughout the world that arise not by one single factor but rather multiple, and in order to find a solution, such additional aspects of the problem should be addressed. Additionally when can see political clashes such as war affect the way in which health and sanitation is provided.

We can see the problems of past societies in the effects of war in their situtiatons however we also can see the effects of war on people during the Iraq war. American forgets that there are civilians who have nothing to do with the conflict, and they are paying the costs of threats and massacres in their communities. This conflict in Iraq like any war restricts people’s personal security causing the restricting and access to food because of the fear of leaving their homes. Such a fear will lead starvation, others do not have access to medicine and medical supplies leading to inadequacy of proper medical treatments. Once a person is restricted from movement, you are hindering their abilities to fulfill their primary needs of health. Additional war causes extreme trauma and suffering if electricity is cut, then hospitals cannot function, shelter is damaged and mortality rates begin to increase. Once the war begins to causes water issues whether being inadequate access or contamination, you are experiencing a rise in cholera, typhoid and dysentery. The belief that by engaging in war there is a protection of the greater world is creating such aftermaths as those presented by the World Heath Organization. There is a bigger picture in treatment and eradicating disease, and we should start considering the community and regional problems to fully understand origins of disease and methods of eradication. 


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