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Since when do men have a say in Birth Control?

The Feldman-Savelsberg article highlights the politics of the womb and control over reproductive rights of women in Cameroon. The government was seeking to provide neonatal tetanus shots to school girls, however they all tried to run away thinking that they would sterilize their abilities to have children. Throughout the medical history of Cameroon, there have been various incidents where there is a constant fear of being sterilized by the government; however they have not been proven.  Additionally political turmoil has led for the people to be in constant fear and anxiety which leads to more of a reason to not accept the medication of the problematic government.  It is also interesting to note that the effects of such a rumor has not allowed the people in Cameroon to take advantage of health vaccines necessary such as the tetanus which would help prevent neonatal deaths. Additionally, mothers are having their children at an earlier age, for fear of being sterilized, this limiting their access to education.

It is interesting that the conversation regarding the trauma of the control of reproductive health entails on a woman, especially with the constant clashing on the ideas of Birth Control in the United States. Presidential candidates and media players like Rush Limbaugh are continuously criticizing the act of taking Birth Control. This fight has caused many low-income women and teenagers throughout the US losing access to birth control because it is no longer affordable. Birth control for these women is necessary in considering their backgrounds and the likelihood of getting pregnant. Men in the political world are trying to control women’s abilities to have control over their own reproductive health, with one man state that “it is [birth control] not okay, it’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.”  Why should lawmakers have control over our decisions and sexual lives? Why is this a problem when our world is overpopulating and women and men are now out in the workforce together. In a sense we are living in a Cameroon like state, there is a constant fear that our rights as women in control of our own bodies will eventually diminish from our control.



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