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The Spark of Hope for Afghan Women May Come to an End

[Extra Credit Post]

After the horrid 9/11 attacks made by the Taliban, Afghanistan was given public attention to worldwide. America sent its troops to create order and diminish the rates of crime. The inequality faced by women was taken given particular attention to. Women living under the Taliban control were denied education, banned from medical treatment by male doctors, and publicly executed for ‘immorality’. With the fall of Taliban power, the rigid system of rules ceased and Afghani women and girls were provided with several well-deserved basic freedoms and rights. While such changes were promised and given, some issues persisted. Due to gender inequality, women continued to endure domestic violence and imprisoned for “moral crimes”.

As international military forces plan to depart the region, women in Afghanistan fear that they will be abandoned again and denied all the positive changes that have been made throughout the past decade. Although a law has been passed stating that violence against women is a crime, Afghan women are more vulnerable now more than ever. The international community has given so much effort and money to help reach out the individuals whom are seen as “secondary to men” by their community, and therefore the support for women’s right must continue. It is too risky to allow things to go back to the way they were before the international intrusion.


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