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Taking Human Rights for Granted

The final chapter in Paul Farmer’s book Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor gives the readers a chance to reassess the frameworks that allow us to think about human rights. Throughout the book, Farmer has brought up many important concepts in which the book’s general audience learns about without physically undergoing them to the great extent that many others do. Overall, the ‘fortunate’ are to realize the circumstances given to oneself, while such freedoms are taken away from others. In other words, when measuring vulnerability, some social structures violate the human rights of some individuals to a greater extent than others.

In regards to the violation of human rights and my research topic of violence, these injustices are seen evident through the use of child soldiers particularly in Uganda. For instance, the KONY2012 video has stirred up a great about of commotion quickly throughout cyberspace, for it attempts to appeal toward its audience emotionally even though it provides misconceptions. The posted video calls for the attention of the ‘capable’ to bring awareness and make a difference by fighting for human rights. For decades, the Ugandan people were at high risk for many forms of violence, especially due to the fact that they had limited means of escaping and become easy victims for the rebels. Even though the civil war has softened, the war is still ongoing due to all the traumatic consequences that the community must now deal with and human rights not fully granted. The video urging for the capture of Kony is only one of the many criminal aspects against humanity and human rights. Those sincerely willing to help end the war must join together and form effective measures of action, or else the cycle will perpetuate itself.



2 responses to “Taking Human Rights for Granted

  1. One of the biggest problems I have with Knoy 2012, is that many people have not done their research before actually supporting the video. I agree that we should be concerned about granting human rights to all people throughout the world, yet I believe the invasion or military intervention of Uganda or any other nation by the United States magnifies problems, and increases the death rate. The American government and many American people are a bunch of hypocrites, they fight for the democracy of people all over the world and what not, yet they are some of the biggest perpetrators and violators of human rights anywhere. We must start looking at our own back yard and fight for equality and the human rights for many people here at home such as those on Skid Row, and those dying in the neighboring country of Mexico due to our consumption of drugs. We must think critically before supporting the military industrial complex, and going with the flow.

  2. Rebecca W

    I like how you related this week’s reading to KONY 2012, a current issue that is taking the internet by storm. You point out a good example of people taking human rights for granted, until the violations are explicitly pointed out. I agree with the commenter above that people need to be more aware of all human rights issues, because there are so many in our own country too. KONY 2012 showed people some of the atrocities going on around the world, so hopefully people can become more aware of their own surroundings.

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