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Our Mothers Once Again: Not just about the Shoulder Extra Credit

Living in Los Angeles, and having the opportunity to cross paths some high end people, I have had the opportunity to delve into conversations which have led me to question if living the high life results in some pretty extravagant and shallow notions. One, which is a conversation on a constant basis, for LA plastic moms and even college girls, is breastfeeding. While we have a certain amount of women that are religiously devoted to the ritual, other have brought the notions that breastfeeding is not for them because of specific conversations, predominately that it will ruin their body. Which led to my question, can we apply the notions of pro-choice to breastfeeding children?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) deemed breastfeeding a “public health issue and not only a lifestyle choice.” Such recognize presents this strong perspective in regarding the body modifying ritual. Researchers have found that breast-fed babies have a decreased risk of dying of SIDS, fewer ear infections, less likelihood of obesity or cardiovascular disease and fewer hospitalizations for pneumonia. As for mothers, they decreased risk of  breast, ovarian and uterine cancers. There are so many aspects of breast-feeding that are beneficial for both parties alike. As much as this perspective is great for the American community, what happens in the third world countries? In those areas, we are looking at a greater picture where the problem  is not in providing the early nutrients, but rather having mothers who can provide those nutrients. In drastic situations like those in third generations, not even mothers can provide breast milk. If it is so important to our world, imagine how essential it is in another world.


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