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Political Birth Control- Extra Credit

As the 2012 elections are coming underway, politicians our out seeking their representatives. While this class is centered on the global health, one of the key issues that is being shown throughout the elections have been the wealth gap within the candidates and the general population of Americans. Mitt Romney constantly evokes his wealth while trying to promote the well being of all Americans. However, besides this constant gap, the vulnerability of some Americans is coming to light. While this is a political battle, where constant questions of Puerto Rican statehood are being brought, energy conservation and fuel struggle is a conversation, the Republican candidates seem to bring into their campaigns religious attitudes and with religion, sexuality seems to then come into the conversation. Birth control and abortion is becoming a heating topic and the irony of it all is the conversation is among men. I pose this question, what do THEY know about my body, and about my struggle as a woman in a world that seeks to promote equality for men and women, yet we are still eroticized and forced to fall on this domestic sphere of raising children and becoming a wife.

In the news, I have seen so much anti birth control propaganda and laws coming into light. In Texas, Governor Rick Perry decided to cut off all Medicaid funding for family planning to the state of Texas. Because of such law Texas lost the entire Medicaid program which provides cancer screenings, contraceptives and basic health care to 130, 0000 low income women. The federal government provides 90 percent of the government and almost half of the providers are Planned Parenthood clinics. The reason Rick Perry enacted these laws: because Planned Parenthood was providing abortions, however the funny thing out of the whole situation is that the federal and state governments do not pay for abortions. Medicaid does not pay for abortions! Thus, families throughout Texas, who are low income will no longer be receiving health care for women. What does this mean? This stop in health care for women from the government will lead to a questioning on the health of those  children born in low-income communities. By removing institutions such as Planned Parenthood we are removing communities from what little access they had in developing a healthy family. All for the fear of the practice of abortion which consists of only 3 percent of the services provided in such organizations.



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